LRF Media - Driva Eget

Driva Eget, Swedens largest magazine for small business entrepreneurs, came to us with the need of a new web site. They have hade the old site for 6 years, since the beginning, and needed a new platform, new design, new strategy and migration of thousands of great articles. As a subscriber since the beginning, it was a great honor for us to take on this fun and challenging project. There is so much great content on the site and it really has been a challenge to highlight it with a new modern design and structure. The site is built in WordPress, but we have done a lot of custom plugins and custom solutions to make it work well for both visitors and the editors. We have pushed the boundaries and shown that WordPress can handle more than what most people think. Of course the site looks great on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, thanks to the adaptive design we have implemented.

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